Items can be powder coated, nylon coated, wet painted or stove enamelled to customer’s specification.  We stock a range of powders in an array of beautiful colours and textures at various gloss levels from the BS 4800 range and the RAL range.  Colours from other ranges can be obtained from our approved suppliers.  These are then powder coated using Eurotec  C85D box feed spray units and put into our calibrated ovens at the required temperature to produce a high quality finish.




Paintshop TreatmentsPRE TREATMENTS

The company has an in house immersion and powder coating treatments facility which in effect promotes the ability to provide a complete service,  all the requirements from start to finish are carried out within the companies infrastructure thus avoiding extra costs  and having total control of your valued orders and maintaining competitiveness in today’s market.







The calibrated box oven,  measuring  4m X 2.5m  X  2.3m is  large enough to paint most, if not all, conventional work types and sizes.  Depending on the type of powder used,  epoxy polyester, or polyester the oven is set to the temperature and cure time required and heated accordingly, providing a high quality finish.








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