This is carried out with our SAFFAN AUTOMATIC POWER STOP GUILLOTINE, which will cut accurately material from 2500mm wide up to 4mm thick.


Punching PressThis is carried out using a WIEDEMANN CENTRUM II CNC FANUC CONTROLLED PUNCH PRESS – the state of the arc machine.

We can punch up to 6mm thick plate in many various punch sizes and shapes. It can handle sheets on its bed 1200mm wide x 3 metres long.


18-turret carousel of tools comprising:

  • 2 x 12 multi-tool holders
  • 2 x indexing heads (capable of punching or nibbling any shape required)    
  • 14 standard tool stations

Making a total of 40 tools available for punching at any time (avoiding expensive downtool time)

Tool Library: An extensive library of tools from complicated shapes to basic electrical plug and socket shapes.


Using 3 AXIS NC CONTROLLED MEGAFORM 100 TON UP-FOLDING BRAKE PRESS. We are able to fold most materials, including stainless steel, up to 3000mm long x 3mm thick.

On a slightly smaller scale, we also have a MEGAFORM 60 TON UP-FOLDING NC CONTROLLED BRAKE PRESS 3 AXIS which can fold 2500mm long x 3mm thick in most materials.
For the finer work we have a 35ton megaform “Dinky” Brake Press 1 metre capacity 3 axis full CNC controls.

Tooling: We have a comprehensive catalogue of tools from conventional 90o bends, segmented forms and overfold safety edges.

We manufacture for many industries using fine limit tolerances and are fully equipped to deal with the most unconventional folds.


Welding BayUsing our 3 no. in-line LINCOLN SQUARE WAVE 255 TIG WELDING MACHINES (with digital full power control)

These features together with our coded welders and skills available, we are able to seam, butt or fuse weld on the thinnest of materials including a/alloy and stainless steel.

We also, where requested, spot weld using either our S.I.P. SPOTWELDING AUTO PEDESTAL 1.5 KVA on our fine weld SEALY PORTABLE SPOTWELDER 3 KVA.

All welding, unless otherwise instructed, is fully dressed/orbitalled using a selection of windy air tool


For items requiring a surface finish we have a Timesaver-Grindmaster-model 12 series Straight Graining Machine.


Using our JONES & SHIPMAN SURFACE GRINDER (HYDRAULIC). (All tools are kept keen and sharp, reducing hole burrs and sharp edges.)



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